Programme Synopsis

Compared to several other conventional programmes in the market, FILM & SOCIETY is a refreshing ‘one of a kind’ film programme where students will have to devise a short film idea based on the content they are exposed to every day in society through social media – FACEBOOK posts, whatsapp messages, INSTAGRAM posts, STOMP etc. These materials will act as a catalyst in story creation. Designed with the understanding of students’ exposure to media today, this programme brings about awareness amongst students to understand how film and society are connected. They will understand how films are also reflections of the society and the people in it. Using the materials from social media, students are to creatively come up with a narrative. Through this engagement with social media, this programme stresses the importance of being a socially responsible director. Students will hence develop their skills in story development, research, characterization, creative presentation and public speaking.

Learning Objectives

  • Students will understand how the people/events in the society influence films and vice-versa.
  • Students will explore the possibilities of getting ideas across various platforms.
  • Students will learn how to construct a story based on the events/people in the society and develop stories.
  • Students will understand the importance of characterization and apply them in their stories.
  • Students will present their research works and stories as a group.
  • Students will learn from each others’ presentations on how story ideas are conceived and developed on.

Programme Details

Programme Title: Film & Society (Conducted in English/Tamil)
Art form: Film & Multimedia
Target Audience: Sec (Lower & Upper), ITE, Poly
Venue required: Classrooms with no tables and chairs/ Studio (Air Conditioned)
Duration of each session: 2 hrs
Total no. of sessions: 4 sessions
Material/ Equipment needed: Projector, Computer, White Board
Student: Instructor Ratio: 25 students to 1 instructor

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