Programme Synopsis

iCAPTURE© is a mobile film making programme, which moulds secondary to tertiary school students into individuals who are able to produce impactful stories using mobile devices. A curriculum specially designed by Saleem Hadi (the first Singaporean to have won the CANNES 2008 Distinguished Community Documentary Award and other local awards) promises to educate participants in an engaging way. Students will be experiencing the craft of film making by going through the key stages of production. Students will have an exposure to many commonly over-looked aspects of filmmaking that will make significant differences in the way the stories are told and hence determine, if the story makes it or breaks it.

Learning Objectives

  • Students will be introduced to the art of film-making and to all the stages involved in a video production
  • Students will develop and enhance creativity in effective visual story-telling by learning scripting, storyboarding, cinematography and editing.
  • Students will demonstrate their understanding of the content by producing their own videos using their mobile devices, in groups. 

Programme Details

Programme Title: iCAPTURE©
Art form: Film & Multimedia
Target Audience: Sec (Lower & Upper), ITE, Poly
Venue required: Classrooms and Computer labs
Duration of each session: 2 hrs
Total no. of sessions: 8 sessions
Material/ Equipment needed: Projector, Computer, White Board
Student: Instructor Ratio: 25 students to 1 instructor

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