Programme Synopsis

Taught by Singapore’s 1st winner of CANNES 2008 Distinguished Community Documentary Award and other local awards, iTHIRAI© is a specially designed mobile film-making programme, that teaches students to create stories and produce short films, using mobile devices. In this highly experiential learning programme which combines a great deal of practical modules for effective learning, students will indulge in the craft of film-making by going through the key stages of production, namely pre-production, production, and post-production. Students will also have an insightful exposure to many commonly over-looked aspects of filmmaking that will make significant differences in the way the stories are told and hence determine, if the story makes it or breaks it.

Learning Objectives

  • Students will be introduced to the art of film-making and to all the stages involved in a video production
  • Students will develop and enhance creativity in effective visual story-telling  by learning scripting, storyboarding, cinematography and editing.
  •  Students will demonstrate their understanding of the content by

Programme Details

Programme Title: iTHIRAI – Mobile Film Making Programme (Tamil)
Art form: Film & Multimedia
Target Audience: Sec (Lower & Upper), ITE, Poly
Venue required: Classrooms and Computer labs
Duration of each session: 2 hrs
Total no. of sessions: 8 sessions
Material/ Equipment needed: Projector, Computer, White Board
Student: Instructor Ratio: 25 students to 1 instructor


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