Programme Synopsis

PADAMUM SOLLAZHAGUM (PHOTOGRAPHS WITH BEAUTIFUL WORDS) is a mobile photography programme where students’ photographs obtain a whole new dimension as the student photographers pen poetic captions in Tamil, describing the visuals elegantly. Students will be taught on composition techniques, elements of photography, depth of field, shutter speed, aperture & ISO. Apart from the technicalities of photography, this programme focuses more on the soul of photography where students are encouraged to experiment and explore creativity infusing the beauty of the Tamil language with their works. Students will be taught both conventional and experimental photography. Having learnt both, students are then given the flexibility to compose images, choose one

Learning Objectives

  • Students will be able to distinguish between the different types of photography.
  • Students will understand what photography is.
  • Students will understand and apply the elements used in photography.
  • Students will know how to construct poetic captions based on the photos taken, in Tamil.
  • Students will present confidently.

Programme Details

Programme Title: PADAMUM SOLLAZHAGUM (Conducted in Tamil)
Art form: Mobile Photography
Target Audience: Upper  Pri, Sec (Lower & Upper), ITE, Poly
Venue required: Classrooms and Computer labs(only session 3)
Duration of each session: 2 hrs
Total no. of sessions: 3 sessions
Material/ Equipment needed: Projector, Computer, White Board
Student: Instructor Ratio: 25 students to 1 instructor


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