Programme Synopsis

This is a warm invitation to all students who are very interested to enter the world of short films, a medium that has gotten a mass appeal in the past 5 years till date. Students will first be introduced to how short films are made and why short films are more effective now than before. Students will be watching the films produced and directed by Saleem Hadi. Having completed 14 short films till date, the award-winning local director and TV Producer/Director, will also go through and share his journey as a short film-maker. Students will be treated to an array of Saleem Hadi’s short films, ranging from experimental to drama narratives. Saleem Hadi aims to also maximise the reasoning and critical thinking abilities amongst the students, as they reflect on the films and their depth. Students will also be able to discuss issues addressed in the films shown and engage in Q & A with the film maker himself.

Learning Objectives

  • Students will be introduced to short films and the impacts it can create.
  • Students will discuss and critique constructively on the issues addressed in the films they watched.

Programme Details

Programme Title: SG Shortfilms: Let’s watch & Discuss(Conducted in English/Tamil)
Art form: Film & Multimedia
Target Audience: Upper Pri, Sec (Lower & Upper), ITE, Poly
Venue required: Classrooms and Computer labs
Duration of each session: 1.5 hrs
Total no. of sessions: 1 session
Material/ Equipment needed: Projector, Computer, White Board
Student: Instructor Ratio: 25 students to 1 instructor


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