D. Piriyadarisini

Piriya is currently working, as a teacher in a special needs school. She takes on active roles in S.I.T.F.E.’s events. She interchangeably would play active roles as a scriptwriter, co-director, actress and workshop and event facilitator. Piriya is a very enterprising individual who constructs her thoughts well and put forth her suggestions in one of the most tactful and effective way. Till date, Piriya has acted in both S.I.T.F.E’s stage productions, notably the SIKHS OF SERANGOON as ‘Tayiramma’ the Dairy Milk woman and PANJABOOTHANGAL, where she choreographed and performed an experimental dance piece. Piriya’s contributions to the company are very crucial, especially in marketing. Piriya’s knack in going through details thoroughly in our marketing materials is very commendable, as it has saved us from making costly mistakes numerous times. Piriya is now a full time teacher in a special needs school.